Creating a simple wall with property set and quantity information

The following recipe creates a simple wall from scratch using a templating technique to quickly populate the entity instances for the IFC project structure. Simple extrusion geometries, an IfcPropertySet and an IfcElementQuantity are added using the procedural entity instance creation functions. The script is written for a research project with Dr. Patrick Janssen in National […]

Using the parsing functionality of IfcOpenShell interactively

In this recipe we are going to look at an interactive way of working with Python and IfcOpenShell that allows to quickly explore the possibilities offered by the tools. When the python interpreter (python.exe) is executed without arguments it will function as a REPL (a Read Evaluate Print Loop). It enables the user to type […]

Using IfcOpenShell and pythonOCC to construct new geometry

[This article contains several snippets of source code for illustration purposes, the full source code can be downloaded at the bottom] In this short exercise we are going to build on top the IfcOpenHouse model. It is one of the first IFC models entirely built using program code. It is a nice model, but it […]