Setup instructions

In order to run the examples in this cookbook some dependencies need to be installed. Depending on the exact code being executed not all of following items might be strictly necessary, but installing the following dependencies ensures all code on this website to be ran. The examples on this website use the Python 2 syntax. With minor adaptations the code can be ran on Python 3 interpreters.

Python 2.7
Qt 4
Add the bin folder in the Qt distribution to the PATH environment variable
pyQt for python 2.7
pythonOCC for Python 2.7
IfcOpenShell for Python 2.7
and extract it into the Lib\site-packages\ directory of the Python installation folder.
Additional files
The IfcOpenHouse model is available here:…/IfcOpenHouse.ifc
Additional configuration
Set the following environment variable based on the installation directory of Python.
For example on Windows this could be:
CSF_GraphicShr C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\OCC\TKOpenGl.dll