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About Kianwee Chen

Chen Kian Wee is an architecture graduate from National University of Singapore (NUS). He has previously held researcher position at NUS looking into the area of digital design tools for architects and applying optimisation algorithms to the architectural design process. His current research interest is creating an integrated design workflow for the evaluation/optimization of LowEx design exploration. He is currently a PhD student (in the finishing stages of his PhD studies) with ETH Zurich, Chair of Architecture and Building Systems, stationed in Future Cities Laboratory Singapore.

Creating a simple wall with property set and quantity information 1

The following recipe creates a simple wall from scratch using a templating technique to quickly populate the entity instances for the IFC project structure. Simple extrusion geometries, an IfcPropertySet and an IfcElementQuantity are added using the procedural entity instance creation functions. The script is written for a research project with Dr. Patrick Janssen in National […]